Certificates & Quality Assurance

Continuity is our number one priority. Based on this principle, we prefer sustainable solutions that make a real contribution to striking a better balance between people, the environment and profit, as confirmed by our certificates!

Our quality-consciousness, in the broadest sense of the word, has made us one of the leading companies in the printing industry.


ISO 9001:2015

We were the first printing company to be ISO 9001 certified. The international requirements of this quality management system prove that we not only deliver high-quality products, but also do as we say. This means the following:

• We only use paper types that guarantee good runability. We closely monitor and log quality parameters, such as relative humidity

• We detect any non-compliant products or shortcomings prior to delivery.

• Should malfunctions or defects occur nonetheless, our certified complaints procedure will come into effect. Principles: Reduce stagnation to a minimum and look for a suitable solution as quickly as possible in consultation with the client.

• We have a Disaster Recovery Plan to respond to any threat to or disruption of service continuity.

ISO 14001

Our environmental management system is certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 guidelines, which means we strive to minimise the environmental impact of core activities. This entails the following:

• On-going performance improvement and pollution prevention;

• Controlling environmental risks resulting from our activities.

ISO 12647

With our ISO 12647 certification, we demonstrate that we guarantee optimum, continuous and predictable colour quality, from digital samples to the actual printed products. By doing so, we make an important contribution to protecting the corporate identity of our clients.

Climate-neutral printing

We do everything we can to minimise our emissions by investing in projects such as the reuse of residual heat, LED lighting and installing solar panels. We offset all the carbon we do emit via Nature Office to guarantee 100% carbon-neutral operations.

Der Blaue Engel

The Der Blaue Engel label indicates that a product has a lower environmental impact than similar products in several key respects, as well as being safe for consumers.

Wincor Nixdorf logo
Wincor Nixdorf

We are a certified thermal paper printer for Wincor Nixdorf, who use our thermal paper in their ATM systems and thermal printers.

Paper: FSC / PEFC

The main raw material we use to manufacture our products is paper. Since environmentally friendly production processes are paramount for us, we are FSC and PEFC-certified. All FSC paper is made from wood sources from sustainably managed forests.

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