Warehousing & Logistics

Full-service warehousing & logistics –> Secure and optimally equipped!

By combining storage and transport, accurately tracking stock levels, providing a single point of contact and constantly updating stocks, we can achieve significant savings and create major added value for our clients and their customers.

We have our own 3,000 m2 distribution centre for the storage of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in Beegden, split into two climate-controlled warehouses that are separated from each other by fire-resistant doors.

We use one warehouse to store printed items that are ready for further transport, using the other warehouse for the storage of the blank paper stock (we have at least 1,500 – 2,000 tonnes of paper available at our production site).

On top of our own distribution centre, we have two external warehouses for finished products, including the centre of our parent company Koninklijke Van der Most B.V., which boasts 20,000 slots for pallets.

All 3 distribution centres are climate-controlled, secured in accordance with ISO 27001 guidelines and spread over the country, allowing us to act quickly for urgent orders, for example.

Our products are transported by our logistics partners, who have trucks equipped with Euro-6 engines that comply with the EU’s lowest carbon emission standards. For rush orders, we deliver our products with our own fleet of 3 delivery vans!

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