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Real printing experts, we still exist! Moduli Print is a force in forms from Limburg and we have been producing forms since 1938. We mainly supply our products to organisations throughout the Benelux area and in Germany, Austria and France.

Over the years, we have specialised in the production of continuous forms, both on rolls and fanfold, as well as A4 loose-leaf forms. We have the following areas of expertise when it comes to printing forms:

With our 60 employees, we produce forms and other printed matter, as well as providing other services such as solicited and unsolicited advice, DTP/design, post-processing and full logistical handling. To provide this full range of services, we work closely with our parent company Koninklijke Van der Most from Heerde. Together, we have an envelope plant, two form plants, two print works, a printing and mailing centre, a DTP/design department, a post-processing department, three large distribution centres across the country and an IT sister company!

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In 1938, Drukkerij J. Timmermans was founded in Horn, situated in the middle of Limburg and bearing the name of its founder. Drukkerij Timmermans was a typical village printer, working mainly on local print jobs, birth announcements and funeral notices and invitations.

In the 1960s, the demand for copy paper increased sharply. Since the Timmermans family had close connections to the banking world, it laid the foundations for roller printing and its various specialisations, such as the production of sets and pads.

In the 1970s, Drukkerij Timmermans was the first printer in the Netherlands to get a web press, used to produce sheets and rolls of copy paper. This was followed by a multi-lane printing press, capable of producing entire sets of paper in just a single run.

In the early 1980s, the organisation invested heavily in its equipment to be able to produce forms of all descriptions in small and large print runs.

The great value for money offered by Drukkerij Timmermans was a good reason for several banks to partner up with the printers for a wider range of products, with demand for fanfold and roll forms skyrocketing.

This led to the founding of Moduli Print at a new location in Beegden in 1985, which mainly produced roll forms for banks in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.  This initiating role and our significant investments in innovation have resulted in a wealth of specialist experience and a leading position as a roll producer!

In 2018, Koninklijke Van der Most acquired Moduli Print, having identified that the latter’s products and services would form a good addition to their own. “With this takeover, we will also be acquiring the expertise and knowledge we need to keep developing our products and services”, said Marriël van der Most, one of the company’s directors.

Drukkerij J. Timmermans founded
Demand for carbonless copy forms skyrockets
First rotary printing press in the Netherlands
Small and large-batch forms in all shapes and sizes
Moduli Print founded at new location (Beegden)
Moduli Print acquired by Koninklijke Van der Most